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UMIDIGI Uwatch Real Photos Leaked Out Before Presentation

As the world gets smaller every day with the development of the internet, smart devices are getting smarter and more delicate. Smartwatch becomes one of the hottest selling accessories these days and many mobile manufacturers are aware of this fact very well. UMIDIGI as one of the makers of the Chinese phone that keeps up with all major trends and decided to launch their new smart product- the UMIDIGI Uwatch.

Today, UMIDIGI released some real photos of the Uwatch series that is set to launch very soon. As we can see in the images, the UMIDIGI Uwatch has a classic circular dial with a big screen. If you take a good look at these photos you can find that it has three different stunning colours for the watchband while the dial still keeps in black. According to the information on the screen, it is a beautifully designed smartwatch, which helps you monitor steps, count calories and so on.

The launch date and price for this smart device is still unknown. But we believe that UMIDIGI always provides premium products with affordable price and the same with the UMIDIGI Uwatch. So it also will be affordable and it will be released soon since the 11.11 big promotion is coming soon. In the 11.11 promotion period, the UMIDIGI A3, the company’s entry-level beast is going to launch the pre-sale event at AliExpress.

At this moment you can pay a $7.6 deposit to get the phone on 11.11 at $75.99. If you are interesting, you can click here to get more information about the entry-level beast

Also, we found that the UMIDIGI official store at AliExpress is going to launch a big giveaway for the Uwatch, total 60 watches! This activity will open from Oct. 29th – Nov. 2nd, Nov.5 – Nov.9(only on working days) at 10:00 and 15:00 GMT-8. So if you are interested in it, we suggest you add it to cart to be notified of starting giveaway and to be the lucky winner.

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