Friday, April 12, 2024


The internet has been inundated with the news of an upcoming Camon X device from TECNO Mobile which will run on the latest Android 8.1 Oreo.

According to what we heard, the upcoming smartphone will launch with a highly rated Selfie camera that shoots better pictures than the almighty iPhone X

There are rumours that the upcoming smartphone will feature a Blink and snap feature that will make it possible to take selfie with just a blink of the eyes. While we cannot confirm how true this was, TECNO CAMON devices have not just been awesome but have totally changed people’s perception about smartphone cameras in recent times.

I got this camera comparison, I don’t know how true it is but images on the right are the Camon X, left is iPhone X and definitely, the Camon X is better.

IPhone X VS Camon X-upcoming camon X

Looking at the picture, the one on the right maintained the natural colour of the lady with a well-balanced exposure while the one on the left looks more saturated.

IPhone X VS Camon X-Portrait Mode

iPhone X VS Camon X camera-upcoming camon X

In this second picture, both devices did a good job of blurring out the background but the picture on the right has lost the natural colour of the lady and the cloth is completely washed out.

No doubt both devices did a good job but one would wonder that despite the over $1000 price of the iPhone X, the Camon device still goes head to head against Apple’s most expensive phone.

I still don’t think this comparison is true but let’s wait till the device is out. The upcoming smartphone is expected to be launched globally on the 5th of April in Lagos, Nigeria.

Over to you guys,

What do you all think about these results? Do you think the upcoming Camon X camera is better than the iPhone X?

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  1. Just because the iPhone X is more expensive doesn’t mean it takes better pictures. The iPhone X takes less than 350 dollars to make. The Camon X around 200 dollars. Therefore, there is not huge difference between the two.

  2. Lol, which kind of comparison is this ? iPhone X camera to Tecno camon X even if you are trying to promote this phone you shouldn’t even compare it with iPhone. I use Samsung Note 8 and iPhone X as well and you can’t compare it to this upcoming phone. Tecno is not creative at all the are using both the design of iPhone and samsung all together and coming with their own product and the best you can do is compare this lame phone with iPhone X, you must be joking trust me.

  3. Hahahaha… just because you don’t have money to buy the iPhone X , doesn’t mean you should say nonsense, first off the images were taken at different angles. Please don’t compare iPhone X again to any phone, it’s like compare the champions league and Nigerian league.

    Typed from my iPhone X 256gb

  4. Click bait.. for all we know.. those could be pictures from the same phone or a totally different phone.. far better brands than tecno have had a hard time keeping up with Apple’s cameras.. just check out the past two camons from tecno and see how underwhelming the cameras are despite all the “features”

  5. The comparison itself is dumb. Why would someone compare the Tecno upcoming phone camera which is yet to surface with perhaps the best camera phone ever produced. This story is alleged and if there are no basis to it, camera comparisons take more than just a selfie to determine the superior camera.

  6. If truly all them say about the phone camon x is true differently it will be a great deal with a long lasting battery will make it perfect my opinion & am a lover of Tecno