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How to watch Apple iPhone 11 Event live on YouTube

Here is a guide on how you can watch Apple iPhone 11 September 10 Event live on Youtube.

For the first time in the company’s history, Apple will live stream its event live on YouTube. The event is scheduled for September 10 and is all about the upcoming iPhone 11.

You may be wondering “why the buzz about this news?”. Well, prior to this very event, every of the company’s event can only be live-streamed on their official website.

The real question is, why did Apple ‘out of the blue’ want to stream their event on YouTube?

The easy answer is the cause of the recent drop in sales of their iPhones. Streaming the event on YouTube will only attract more attention to the iPhone 11, which is exactly what is happening.

A certain Twitter user tweeted about how happy he is about this move by Apple. He complained about how the live stream on Apple’s website isn’t transcoded into different qualities. He said he uses 2-3GB of mobile data just to watch an Apple live event.

The user further gave accolades to Google and said their transcoding, compression technology and server scale remains undefeated in today’s world. Not even other tech giant companies like Facebook, Netflix and Microsoft could rival them.

This is a whole new level for Apple. They have in the past favour their own platform than their rival’s (Google) platform. The company is now more active on Instagram than in the past. They must figure out they need these social media platforms in order to reach the younger audience.

How to watch iPhone 11 September 10 event live on YouTube

The Apple special event is on September 10, below is how to watch the event live on YouTube;

  1. The YouTube link for the live stream of the event is already available.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the “set reminder” option which will notify you when the event goes live. The link shows you how many days left before the event begins.
  4. The broadcast time on September 10 is 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET).

Below is the live streaming

How to watch iPhone 11 event live on Social media

There has been no word yet concerning the event being stream on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Last year’s iPhone XS launch event was live-streamed on Twitter. Nothing has been said so far for this year’s edition.

Three new iPhones are expected to launch at this event; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and a 5.8-inch ‘unknown name’ iPhone. The company will also use this event to introduce new Apple watches, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.

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