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Why Does My phone Die So Fast? Causes and How to Fix it

Why Does My phone Die So Fast? Will you like to know why your phone die so fast? There are many reasons your phone battery drains so badly, and this post will be taking a look at the root causes and how to fix them.

This article will discuss various things that drain your phone battery and how you can stop that from happening.

Most people aren’t a fan of charging their phones constantly, the stress of having to sit down near the socket all day doesn’t sit well with them. This is why having a phone with a durable battery is important, so you don’t spend a lot of hours charging your phone.

So let us look at the causes and how to fix them.

Why Does My phone Die So Fast?

Reasons and How to fix it

phone battery dies fast

Check for Apps that drain your Phone Battery

The first thing you should be on the lookout for is applications that consume battery on your phone. It’s no longer news that some apps are heavy and in return consume a lot of battery. It could be that you recently downloaded a heavy app that is sucking away your battery life.

You can check for those kinds of apps by going to Settings >> About Device >> “Battery” or “Battery Use” >> Scroll down and you’ll see the apps/systems that consume the most battery life. Try uninstalling the apps that suck up battery life and that you barely use. For the useful apps that suck up your battery life, try turning off their notifications including the pop-up ones.

Reboot your Phone and Charge it Again

Rebooting or restarting your phone has proven to be an effective solution to most software and app-related issues, so you shouldn’t be surprised it can be a solution to your phone draining so fast. Here, it is very simple to fix, just reboot or restart your phone. Wait for it to boot finish, then charge your phone again and see if the battery lasts longer this time around.

Reduce your Usage of Multiple Apps

The number of apps you have on your phone has a lot to do with your phone’s battery life. It could be that you’re running multiple apps on your phone that is just too much for your phone’s RAM to handle.

The more energy your phone needs to run those multiple apps, the faster the battery dies. You need to reduce the way you run multiple apps. If you’re run 6 apps before, try reducing it to 2 or 3 apps. Applications generally consume power to run smoothly and work efficiently. So to avoid your phone from dying fast, uninstall the apps you don’t use often.

Adjust your Phone Display Settings

We’re not sure if you’re aware, that when you set the brightness of your display very high, it consumes a lot of power especially if the settings are at their peak.

So your display settings could be one of the causes why your phone doesn’t last long. Luckily, this issue can be fixed by simply adjusting the display settings. Ensure that your screen brightness is at a lower level than before and do not enable the “Auto-brightness”. Then go to your Settings >> Display >> and allow “dark mode” at the system level. This means all apps on your phone will be in dark mode.

Use the Original Charger for your Phone

If you are using a fake charger to charge your phone, then you might experience that your phone battery dies so fast. Well, you can fix it by getting an original charger. If you’re using for example a TECNO phone, you shouldn’t buy a charger from a roadside seller to charge your phone. Go to any TECNO office near you and get an original charger from them.

And if you’re not using a TECNO phone, ensure you get a charger that is recommended by the manufacturing company of that phone. A counterfeit charger is bad for the health of your battery and will undoubtedly lead to the destruction of that battery. Your phone dies fast because the battery isn’t supplying enough juice because you’re using a counterfeit charger.

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