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SIM Card not working on your Phone: Causes and How to Fix it

SIM Card not working on your Phone? Here is how to fix the issue. It’s no doubt that technology has evolved in the phone industry, with mobile phones being smart, making or receiving calls is arguably still the most important function of any mobile phone including the smartphone. This is why people can’t afford to use a mobile phone with a faulty SIM card or it’s not working.

The SIM card is one of, if not the fundamental part of a phone. It can be frustrating when you pick up your phone and you see “SIM card not detected”. You’ll start looking for a resolution immediately because in most cases, you can’t even browse the internet too. If you’re in this boat, then we bring you good news, as there are different you can try to fix this issue.

Ways to Fix Sim Card not working on your phone

SIM Card not working

Check if SIM Card is Inserted Correctly

Some people make the mistake of unconsciously inserting the SIM card in the wrong direction or in the wrong way. The phone won’t be able to detect the SIM card if it is placed wrongly and will likely remain that way or else you insert the SIM card correctly. Check the SIM tray, you should see an inscription of a SIM card position, place your SIM card exactly how it is inscribed on the SIM tray.

Check if the SIM Tray is Inserted Properly

Surprisingly, the SIM card is not the only one that can be inserted wrongly and have you wondering why the SIM Card not working on your phone. You can insert the SIM card correctly on the SIM tray, but if the SIM tray is not inserted correctly into the phone, the SIM card will not be detected.

Here, you’ll need to bring the tray out from the phone by inserting a SIM ejector pin into the pinhole close to the tray. Once the SIM tray pops out, check to see if the SIM card is placed correctly, now without applying pressure at any angle of the SIM tray, gently not forcefully pull it back in. Once done correctly, your phone should be able to detect the SIM card.

Test the SIM Card on Another Device

If the issue persists at this point, then test the SIM card on another device. The reason for doing this is to allow you to know where the problem is coming from – the phone or the SIM card. If the SIM card works on another device, then it’s from the phone. But if the SIM card doesn’t work on another device then it’s the SIM. If the problem is from the SIM card, then you need to speak to your network service provider to confirm if the SIM card is active or not.

Check the SIM Connector

If the SIM card worked on another device, that means the problem is from your phone. You can check the SIM slot and connector to see if they have accumulated dust that’s causing the phone not to read the SIM card properly. Wipe off any dust or dirt you see on the SIM connector.

Enable the SIM Card in Settings

If your phone still can’t detect the SIM card, check the network and SIM card settings. On your phone, go to Settings >> Mobile Network >> SIM Card. Check to see if the SIM card is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, then you have to enable it. But if the SIM card setting is enabled, then leave it at that.

Reboot or Restart Your Phone

It could be that the SIM Card not working on your phone is due to the system being overloaded. A simple reboot or restart of your phone should fix this issue. Restarting your phone will clear the space in the system memory and allow your phone to work properly.

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