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Xiaomi Mi 8 won’t be China-exclusive to be available in 8 other countries

The Xiaomi Mi 8 won’t be launched in only China, it will be introduced in 8 other countries immediately after launch and globally thereafter. The company’s flagships are always exclusively available in the East Asian country. But with Xiaomi now gradually expanding into Europe and Africa, making their presence felt in so many countries, this is about to change.

The Mi 8 will not be exclusively available in China when launched tomorrow, the 31st of May, but will immediately be available in 8 other countries across the world. Xiaomi also announced a plan of entering the US market by the end of 2018 or early 2019. Once Xiaomi founds their way to the US, they will be doing what other Chinese brands like LeEco, Huawei, and ZTE are trying to achieve.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Apart from the Mi 8, two other devices might debut as well. Although the Mi 8 will be launched in China, it will be available in these 8 countries Immediately after the announcement. Another source revealed that the Mi 8 isn’t just only about Xiaomi’s 8 year anniversary. The 8 on the Mi 8 represents the 8 countries the 2018 flagship will be launched in. It will be expanded in the coming months to other countries since official stores of a company are already in many other countries.

According to the poster, the Mi 8 will be available in Egypt, France, India, Italy, India, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam immediately after launch. Xiaomi usually prices its smartphones slightly higher outside China, we can’t wait to see how much the Mi 8 will cost in these countries.

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