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YouTube Rewind 2018 Might end up being the most Disliked Video of all Time

This year’s YouTube rewind video is out and as usual, features a lot of YouTube stars but the shocker alert, Pewdiepie with over 75Million subscribers did not make the list and people are angry.

If you don’t already know, YouTube rewind is a  yearly video series produced by YouTube themselves in collaboration with Portal A Interactive as an overview of the year’s viral videos, events, music and trends and also a way for YouTube to appreciate their content creators.

This year’s features a whole lot of YouTube starts and seems to have a lot of reference to Fornite. From the battle bus to the the Fornite emotes down the appearance of one of the biggest Fornite player in the world; Ninja.

The video starts with Will Smith making a wish for a Tech YouTube by the name Marques Brownlee being on the Fornite battle bus and it actually happened, with no other than the biggest Fornite player – Ninja as the driver. A lot of YouTubers appeared on in the video, many of which I know like the Will Smith, Ninja, Marques Brownlee and IISuperWomanII and other I don’t know. You can watch the video below to see if you’d recognise any of the YouTubers.

Here are the names of YouTubers in the YouTube Rewind 2018

  • 10Ocupados
  • Adam Rippon
  • Afros e Afins por Nátaly Neri
  • Alisha Marie
  • Ami Rodriguez
  • Anwar Jibawi
  • AuthenticGames
  • BB Ki Vines
  • Bearhug
  • Bie The Ska
  • Bilingirl Chika
  • Bokyem TV
  • CajuTV
  • Casey Neistat
  • Caspar
  • Cherrygumms
  • Collins Key
  • Dagi Bee
  • Desimpedidos
  • Diva Depressão
  • Dolan Twins
  • Domics
  • Dotty TV
  • Elle Mills
  • emma chamberlain
  • Enes Batur
  • EnjoyPhoenix
  • EroldStory
  • FAP TV
  • FavijTV
  • Fischer’s
  • Furious Jumper
  • Gabbie Hanna
  • GamingWithKev
  • Gongdaesang
  • gymvirtual
  • Hannah Stocking
  • HikakinTV
  • How Ridiculous
  • illymation
  • ItsFunneh
  • JaidenAnimations
  • James Charles
  • John Oliver
  • Jordindian
  • Jubilee Media
  • JukiLop
  • julioprofe
  • Katya Zamolodchikova
  • Kaykai Salaider
  • Kelly MissesVlog
  • Krystal Yam & family
  • Lachlan
  • LaurDIY
  • Lele Pons
  • Life Noggin
  • Lilly Singh
  • Liza Koshy
  • LosPolinesios
  • Lucas the Spider
  • Luisito Comunica (Rey Palomo)
  • Luzu
  • Lyna
  • Manual do Mundo
  • Markiplier
  • Marques Brownlee
  • Marshmello
  • Mason Ramsey
  • Me Poupe!
  • Merrell Twins
  • Michael Dapaah
  • MissRemiAshten
  • mmoshaya
  • Molly Burke
  • Ms Yeah
  • Muro Pequeno
  • Nick Eh 30
  • NikkieTutorials
  • Ninja
  • Noor Stars
  • Pautips
  • Pinkfong Baby Shark
  • Pozzi
  • Primitive Technology
  • RobleisIUTU
  • Rosanna Pansino
  • Rudy Mancuso
  • Safiya Nygaard
  • Sam Tsui
  • SamHarveyUK
  • Simone Giertz
  • skinnyindonesian24
  • Sofia Castro
  • @StrayRogue and @DitzyFlama (Bongo Cat)
  • sWooZie
  • Tabbes
  • Technical Guruji
  • The Try Guys
  • TheKateClapp
  • TheOdd1sOut
  • Tiền Zombie v4
  • Trevor Noah
  • Trixie Mattel
  • Wengie
  • WhinderssonNunes
  • Will Smith
  • Yammy
  • Yes Theory

Fun Fact: This video, although released just two days ago, has managed to clinch the title of the second most disliked video on YouTube with over 5Million dislikes in just two days. Many people are angry why top content creators like Pewdiepie did not feature in the video.

Do you like or hate the YouTube Rewind 2018?

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