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BVN Code to Check BVN Number on Mtn, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile

In this post, we shall be discussing how to check your BVN number on phone with your Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel without the use of the Internet.

You will also learn how you can check BVN number on FirstBank, GTBank, Access Bank, Zenith Bank, Wema Bank, and other Banks in Nigeria. At Phonecorridor, we will give you the best information and tips on how to make use of your phone to check BVN number online

You have heard about BVN couple of times, I believe you already know what it means but if you don’t let’s explain what a BVN is.

What is BVN?

A BVN is known as Bank Verification Number. It is an 11-digit number that identifies you. It’s your universal Bank ID, given to you by your Bank.

Bank Verification Number is a biometric identification system that was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria in conjunction with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reduce illegal banking transactions.

Every individual with a bank account is assigned a BVN Number. It is a security identification number that is being used for banking transactions. No other person can have the same BVN number and you can only have one BVN. Hence you are expected to keep it safe from the spying eyes of the public.

check your BVN Number) on your mobile phone

Before we dive into how to check your BVN Number on your phone, there is a need to answer some important questions.

How Long is BVN Number? Can I easily memorize it?

A BVN Number is always 11-digit long and it serves as your universal banking ID. Many people have been asking how long is a BVN and if it can be memorized. Of course, you can memorize your BVN the same way you memorize your bank account and phone number.

If I have 3 Bank Accounts, do I need to register for 3 BVN? 

The answer is no, you can only be given one Bank Verification Number which is your unique bank ID. For instance, if you have a Bank Account in GTBank, UBA, and Union Bank, you can walk into any one of them to register for a BVN.

After registering for example in GTBank you can now go to the second Bank to link the BVN given to you at GTBank to your account. Also, you will repeat this same process to link your BVN to your third Bank account and everything will be synchronized.

What do I need to get BVN Number in Nigeria?

Before you can get a BVN number in Nigeria, you will the following:

  • BVN Enrolment form which can be downloaded from here Or picked up at our center
  • Valid ID: Nigerian International Passport, Nigerian National ID Card or Nigerian Driver’s License
  • One recent passport photograph
  • Enrolment fee.

How can I Enroll For BVN in Nigeria?

To enrol for a BNV in Nigeria is very easy. All you have to do is just go to any branch of a bank you have an account with and meet customer care for the enrolment form, request and fill it out accordingly.

  • Present yourself for biometric data capture, this shouldn’t take time.
  • An enrolment Ticket ID will be issued to you on completion of the biometric capture.
  • In 48 hours, your BVN will be sent to the phone number associated with your account number.

How Can I Check BVN Number on Phone?

To check your BVN or Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone, you will dial *565*0# from the phone number you used for registration at your bank.

Take note of this, if you dial this code on other numbers not registered for the purpose, it won’t just work, it must be the number you registered during your BVN creation process.

Also, to make things a lot easier, some banks now have a way you can check your BVN on your phone.

For me I use GTBank and here is how I check my BVN. I will dial *737*6*1# and my 11-digit Bank Verification Number will be displayed on my phone. It’s that easy.

How Can I Check My BVN On Mtn, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile

To check the BVN number on Mtn, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile network, you dial *565*0#

How Can I Change My BVN Number Online?

To change your BVN number online or you will like to correct some mistakes in your BVN number such as changing the date of birth, for example, you will need a Birth certificate.

To change names and other details due to marriage, you will need a Marriage certificate a

To your BVN phone number, you will have to present your international passport, national identity card, or voter’s card. Then visit the Bank where you registered for a BVN and present all the documents.

To link your BVN or Bank Verification Number details from one Nigerian bank to another is easy.

For example, if you want to link your BVN from First Bank to GTBank without having to visit any of our GTBank branches, you can make use of any ATMs, or Internet Banking platform, or visit the BVN linking page.

To link your BVN via Internet Banking, follow the process below.

  • Log on to your Internet Banking platform
  • Select BVN Linker from the left-hand panel
  • Click on New Request
  • From the drop-down menu, insert your Bank Verification Number
  • Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued
  • Answer your Secret Question and continue

To link your BVN using any ATMs, follow the steps below

  • Insert GTBank ATM Card
  • Select BVN Link on the transaction menu screen
  • Enter your 11-Digit BVN
  • Confirm your BVN details
  • Submit your BVN

To Link BVN via SMS

To link your BVN via SMS, simply text your BVN details to 08076665555 E.g. BVN <01234567890> to 08076665555. You can as well dial *737*20*BVN to do so on your GTBank.

Benefits of Having a BVN Code in Nigeria

  • Protection of account from unauthorized access.
  • Easy and acceptable ID means across all Nigerian Banks.
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud cases.
  • A unique identity which is acceptable to all banks.
  • Smooth credit system and banking operations.

Codes to check BVN Number for all Banks in Nigeria

Below are the codes to check BVN number for all banks in Nigeria

How Can I Check my BVN on Diamond Bank ?

To check your BVN on Diamond, Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on First Bank ?

To check your BVN on First Bank: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on FCMB ?

To check your BVN on FCMB: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on Stanbic IBTC ?

To check your BVN on Stanbic IBTC: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on EcoBank ?

To check your BVN on Eco Bank: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on Union Bank ?

To check your BVN on Union Bank: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on UBA ?

To check your BVN on UBA: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on Zenith Bank ?

To check your BVN on Zenith Bank: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on Access Bank ?

To check your BVN on Access Bank: Dial *565*0#

How Can I Check my BNV on GTBank ?

To check your BVN on GTBank, dial *737*6*1# 


It’s important you know how to check your BVN Number on your phone. This is to save you the stress of having to memorize it. This is because there are times you will need to include your BVN in an application or document and it’s not that easy to memorize an 11-digit.

Many of us have not been able to memorize our 10-digit account number let alone an 11-digit.

So by being able to check your BVN on your phone, you are relieving yourself the unnecessary stress. You don’t have to go to your bank to tell you the number again nor do you need to memorize it again.

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