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Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes 2024

Airtel Cheapest Tariff Plans: Are you planning to migrate to Airtel Nigeria and are you looking for the best Airtel tariff plans to use? Airtel Tariff Plans are one of the cheapest in the country, the network provider offers one of the most amazing call rates for their subscribers. You have to know the right Tariff Plan to suit your lifestyle.

Gone are the days when making calls is a luxury, call rates are so affordable these days thanks to social media. I will be listing the cheapest Airtel Nigeria Tariff Plans and their Migration Codes below.

But before we take a look at the plans, you need to know your current tariff plan. Simply dial *121#, select 5, and choose 2, to see the Tariff Plan you are currently on.

 Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

1. Airtel SmartTalk

This is one of the oldest and Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans on the network provider. You can make calls at 11k/s to all networks, with a daily fee of N5. The money is deducted when you make the first call for that day. International calls are pegged at 20k/s, to the only USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

・To migrate, Dial *315# or msg YES to 315.

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2. Airtel SmartPremier

On this plan, you can make international calls (only countries listed above) at 11k/s after the first minute at 40k/s. You can also call networks in Nigeria at the same price, with the first minute also at 40k/s. Additionally, you get 15MB on any recharge of airtime. this makes the SmartPremier of Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans you can migrate to.

・To migrate, Simply dial *318# or send YES to 318.

3. Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

This plan was specifically created for those with kids, kids can call you for free anytime and send unlimited SMS to you. When you recharge on your Airtel Line, your kid’s Airtel Line instantly gets 10% of the airtime. Once you buy over 200MB of internet data or above, your kid gets a 100% of that. The first minute to call your kid costs 40k/s but subsequent minutes cost just 11k/s. Although calling other networks in the country is 20k/s, the SmartTrybe Junior is no doubt one of the best Airtel Tariff Plans for 2018.

・To migrate, Simply dial *317# or send YES to 317.

4. Airtel SmartTRYBE

This is the most used plan in Nigeria, once on the plan, you call at 11k/s to all networks while on campus. But you would be charged 20k/s for the first 50 seconds. You also get to access WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM thanks to the free 15MB. To get the free 15MB, you have to recharge N200 or above in a week. Additionally, when you send 2 SMS, you get 5 free.

・To migrate, Simply dial *312# or send YES to 312.
・To get a full Campus bonus, Simply dial *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312.

5. Airtel SmartVALUE

Do you like to make calls at cheaper rates, the Smart value will wow you with its many great features. It is one of the best Airtel Cheapest Tariff Plans for 2018. You will get more value on this plan, and make calls to all networks in Nigeria 15k/s at the very first second.

Also call international numbers above for 20k/s at the very first second, with no daily fees whatsoever. To migrate, Simply dial *314#.

6. Airtel SmartConnect

While on this plan, you get a 200% bonus and 15MB on all recharges of N200 and above. Not only that, you will also get a bonus of N300 to call family and friends’ numbers. SmartConnect offers 7 hours of midnight calls to Airtel numbers from 11 pm to 6 am at 11k/sec. This plan comes with the Sim and it is for new subscribers only.

7. Airtel Value Plan

This is a new plan, in a bid from Airtel to make all calls to be cheap at 11k/s. Well on the Value Plan you get to call networks at 11k/s from the very first minute with no hidden fees.

Although not all sims are eligible for this, if you have been using your Airtel sim for a long then you should give it a try and you will no doubt enjoy one of the Airtel Tariff Plans you can ever imagine. To migrate, Simply dial *243#.

8. Airtel TalkMore Bundles

Airtel TalkMore is one of the best value-for-money tariff plans on the airtel network regardless of who you are calling. There are 11 voice bundles you can buy from and they come in different prices and validity periods. Calls are charged at 0.60KB per second, SMS at N8, and data at N51.2 per MB.

If you want to migrate to the airtel talk more bundle, Dial *234# and select the bundle you want if the prompt message appears. If you buy the bundle worth of hundred naira you will get up to 13 minutes of call time which is reasonable.

Rounding Up

Airtel is one of the best Networks in Nigeria and I hope this information helped. Which is your favorite Airtel Tariff Plan? Let us know in the comment section if you have any further questions on Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes.

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