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Best iOS Emulators for Android To Run iOS Apps

In this article, we will be listing the best iOS emulators for Android you can use on your Android device. For those of you who don’t know what an iOS emulator is, an iOS emulator is a software, or in this case, an app you can use to Android apps and games on your Android, device, literally creating a small iOS space in your Android device. Now that we know what an iOS emulator is, let’s go down to the list.

Best iOS Emulators for Android To Run iOS Apps

1. Cider

Cider, formerly Cycada is one of, if not the very best iOS emulator for Android. The name Cider as you may or may not have already know is Gotten from fermented Apples (Apple iOS ) used in making the alcoholic beverage. The app is available for not just Android but also on Windows PC for running iOS apps and games. It is also free and simple to use and doesn’t require root access like some other apps. However, you need quite a capable device to be able to run the app without issues. If you have a pretty good device and you’re looking for the best iOS Emulator for Android then Cider has got your covered.


IEMU is also a good iOS emulator you can use to emulate the iOS platform on your android. For the most part, you wouldn’t need root access to be able to use this app but depending on your device, you might need root access. Just like every other iOS emulator on Android, this app doesn’t support iOS apps that make use of GPS, microphone, camera and any other sensors while you’re using the emulator. It also simulates some, and not all the apps, more on some device. Also, the requirements to run this app is much lower compared to cider but the performance you’ll get here will also be lower which also largely depends on your device; a better device translates to better performance.

3. iOSEmu

iOSEmu is pretty much like having the apple app store on your Android device as it can be used to run its apps and games. It also has a search bar where you can type any iOS app, search for it and download it. However, you should know that apps that need access to a microphone, camera and GPS won’t work. Asides from that, you can apply themes, run apps that require jailbroken iPhone devices, Download paid games for free and much more. Also, the app is free to download and also doesn’t require any in-app purchase. Definitely worth checking out as it is absolutely free and you have nothing to lose.

  • Download iOSEmu Here

4. Appetize.IO

Appetize.IO is a web-based iOS emulator unlike the rest on this list which is an app. Thanks to it being a web-based emulator, it has a lot of good sides and some bad sides. With, you can run your iOS app on both your Android device or any other internet enabled device you have. You also don’t need to have a good android device to run the iOS apps, all you need to have is a good browser and good Internet Connection. This emulator is mainly for a developer who wants to test their iOS apps so if you are a developer then you should give this a try.

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