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Codes To Borrow Data From 9Mobile

In this post, we will be showing you how to borrow data from your 9Mobile Network and how to pay back what you borrowed.

9Mobile MoreCredit allows users to borrow data when they really need it urgently or are low on cash. Then the subscriber can pay back at a later time when they recharge.

This is perfect for when you are chatting with your special person and your data expires. You need to worry about topping up just yet, just simply borrow data from the options below and keep chatting till you recharge.

How to Borrow Data From 9Mobile Using MoreCredit

First of all, only eligible individuals are allowed to borrow airtime. To know if you are allowed to airtime data, simply dial *665*3# or simply send STATUS to 665. You have to borrow airtime before you can buy the data plan you like.

9Mobile doesn’t allow subscribers to borrow data yet, so you have to borrow airtime and then convert it to data. To borrow credit on 9Mobile, dial *665*Amount#. e.g. dial *665*50# to borrow N50, or text “50” to 665 to borrow N50 and “100” to 665 to borrow N100.

NB: You should know that you must pay 15% of the borrowed amount as a service charge fee. For example, when you borrow N50 you’ll receive only N42.50. So, you are advised to borrow a bigger amount to get enough money to subscribe.

How to Pay back what you Borrowed

The process of paying back what you have borrowed is simple and seamless. To pay back the borrowed data, just recharged your line what the amount or more than the amount you borrowed. 9mobile will immediately remove the amount from your account.

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