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Easybuy Phones to Buy in Nigeria Updated

If you’re looking for a place in Nigeria where you can buy a phone and pay later, Easybuy is one of your best options. Easybuy mobile device financing is a fantastic buy now, pay later platform that allows people to easily purchase top-of-the-line phones and pay later.

EasyBuy Mobile is a reliable platform that sells phones and tablets on credit in Nigeria. You can buy any phone or tablet you want with Easy Buy by paying a 30% down payment on the total cost of the phone. On Easybuy, you can purchase Tecno phones as well as other popular brands such as Infinix, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others.

The Easybuy mobile device financing platform offers two payment plans: three and six months, with an interest rate of about 0.2 percent per day, for a total of 6 percent per month. Their interest rates fluctuate, so you should check with them before taking out a loan for a phone. In addition, you must put down a 30 percent deposit on the phone you want to buy.

Best Easybuy Phones to Buy in Nigeria

  1. TECNO Phantom X
  2. TECNO CAMON 17 Series [ Camon 17, CAMON 17P and Camon 17 Pro]
  3. TECNO Spark 7P
  4. TECNO CAMON 16 Premier
  5. Infinix Zero X
  6. Infinix Zero X Pro
  7. Infinix Note 10


You will need the following items to apply for EasyBuy mobile device financing to buy a phone on loan:

  • BVN
  • ATM Card
  • Valid ID Card (i.e. Driving License, Voter Card, Passport, or National ID Card.).

In addition to the requirements listed below, you will inform them of your monthly financial income. This is to determine whether you will be able to make the phone installment payment.


You can purchase any phone on credit and pay it off later by visiting any of the Easy buy partner stores near you. Simply follow the steps below to get any smartphone device of your choice on credit and pay later from EasyBuy partner stores.

  • Locate an EasyBuy agent at any of the EasyBuy Partner stores near you. If you are unsure where an EasyBuy partner store is in your area, simply go to any major phone store and you will find Easybuy agents there. EasyBuy agents typically wear EasyBuy t-shirts with the EasyBuy logo on them.

Alternatively, you can contact an EasyBuy customer service representative via their Facebook page for further assistance.

  • Select your preferred smartphone d (all smartphone brands are eligible for this service).
  • Fill out the registration form that will be given to you and select your preferred one.
  • Pay the initial deposit of 30% for the phone, and you’re done.


After receiving your desired phone on credit from EasyBuy, you must pay the balance monthly or according to your agreement with them.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to their stores every month just to make your monthly installment payment. With the EasyBuy mobile application, you can now do so from the comfort of your own home. Easybuy Customers can currently use an official app to make payments for phones purchased from them.

Follow the process below to make your payment any time you are ready.

  1. Find and launch your Google Play Store app on your Android device, then search for EasyBuy.
  2. Install the Easybuy app.
  3. Now, launch the app and log in with your personal information. This will take you to the EasyBuy app’s homepage.
  4. There are two main tabs within the mobile app. To view your current Easybuy phone loan, click the Details tab.
  5. Now, choose the repayment or installment option and click Pay.
  6. Verify the payment information and make your payment using your Debit Card or another payment option listed there.


EasyBuy’s contact information is provided below:

  • Easybuy Nigeria’s official website is
  • Easybuy phone number: +01-8888188
  • Email:
  • Easybuy Loans Facebook Page:
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