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How to Share Data on 9Mobile

In this post, I will be taking you through everything you need to know about data sharing on 9Mobile. The data share feature on the 9Mobile network allows you to extend the usage of excess mobile data to your loved ones. Maybe there is this chunk of data on your 9Mobile line, and you would rather share it with your friends and family on the 9Mobile Nigeria network than have it expired.

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This can be conveniently done by using a USSD code or an existing SMS code. You can even trade data from your prepaid or postpaid line for cash in the form of mini data retailing business in either Megabytes or Gigabytes of other 9Mobile accounts. You can have as many as five people on your beneficiary list on a daily basis. In this write-up, I will be explaining how to share data on the 9Mobile network.

However, note that the sharing feature is different from data renewal or data gifting, it is strictly for subscribers with active data plans on their 9Mobile line. With the data balance transfer service, you will be able to transfer part of your active data bundle, and also buy a friend or family member’s data using your airtime. Follow the method provided below to get started.

How to Share Data on 9Mobile

You do not really have to switch to a new tariff before sharing data on the 9Mobile network; just stick to the current one you’re on.

  1. Start by dialing *229*PIN*DATA AMOUNT*9Mobile Number#. For instance, you might want to share 100MB with another subscriber; just follow this format: *229*0000*100*08091000000#.
  2. The data share feature comes with a default PIN code “0000” which you will necessarily have to change to your preferred choice of code.
  3. To change the data transfer PIN, dial *247*Old PIN*New PIN#. For instance: dial *247*0000*1234#. After this has been done, before proceeding to share your data bundle with your pals, you must have subscribed to a data bundle within 200MB to 20GB  and also ensure that at the time of sharing you have a minimum balance of 100MB.
  4. The daily data share limit is 250MB and the lowest and maximum amount allowed to be shared on the 9Mobile per transfer, for now, is 10MB and 50MB, respectively. Once an upward review of the transfer limit is released, trust me, you will be the first to know as I will keep you informed accordingly.

Share Data on 9Mobile Via MoreBlaze

9Mobile MoreBlaze is yet another great option that enables you to share data plan subscriptions with other family members. One family data subscription allows every added user to access the internet irrespective of their location. It also comes with an auto-renewal feature when the existing subscription expires which will also be available to other users.

  1. For a direct subscription, dial *917#.
  2. Alternatively, subscribe to the plan by dialing *200#, choose the 3rd option for data, and lastly, select the 5th option for the 9Mobile MoreBlaze package.
  3. You can add up to four beneficiaries and to do this, begin by dialing *215*PIN*1*Beneficiary number*NewPUK#. Then send an SMS in this format: “Add a Beneficiary number,1, PIN, NewPUK” to 215.
  4. For instance, if the beneficiary number is 08092345698, PIN:1234, and PUK 654321, then you can proceed and dial *215*1234*1*08092345698*654321#. Then send an SMS having “Add 08092345698,1,1234,654321” to 215.

Note, however, that when adding other users you must change the ‘1’ after the PIN accordingly, meaning that 2 for the next, then 3 and lastly 4 should be used.

I want to believe with this piece, you have been able to learn about how to easily share data on the 9Mobile Nigeria Network using USSD code and also the MoreBlaze plan.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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