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10 Best Girls Games for iPhone

If you’re a girl looking for the best free girl games, you’ve come to the right place. There are various games that are specifically made for girls.

In this article, Phonecorridor has compiled a list of the 10 Best Girls Games for iPhone that is entertaining to play. Even some of the games listed below are enjoyable to play with pals who have a smartphone with 1GB RAM.

10 Best Girls Games for iPhone and Android

All of the games listed below are accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play. A simple search for their name will provide the download link.

1. Stylist Girl – Make Me Gorgeous

You would have a lot of fun playing this makeover game. You will become the hottest new trendy stylish girl in Hollywood in this game. You have a good reputation, which makes you popular and wealthy. You dress a number of well-known fashion models and celebrities.

You have the ability to give them gorgeous makeovers. You can build a variety of extraordinary outfits for your consumers, beginning with the appropriate dress, fashionable skirt, or shoes in the most recent fashion. Also, add wonderful accessories to make them look even better.

2. Save The Girl

If you enjoy puzzle games, you will enjoy this girl game app. This game will require you to save a girl who is in a dangerous circumstance. Then you will be given two conditions to pick from in order to save the girl.

If you save the girl, you will be rewarded. At first, you will do simple tasks, and as your level rises, so will the challenge level. You will get confidence in choosing an action by playing this game.

3. Fitness Girl – Dance & Play

You would like to play this game if you are a fitness enthusiast. You will open a fitness studio in this game. You also become the most well-known and cool fitness trainer. Many admirers are eager to stand in line to attend your sports class. You can, however, submit fitness recommendations in your Fit Feed to gain more admirers and popularity points.

4. Cooking Fest

This cooking game allows you to serve delectable dishes in a lovely setting. You can prepare meals in a tropical restaurant, a seafood restaurant by the sea, or a modern cold ice cream shop. Then you can make a variety of delectable foods such as pizza, chicken, sushi, cake, ice cream, and many more. This is a time management cooking game in which you must demonstrate your culinary talents.

Aside from cooking, you must also serve meals and manage time in order to keep all of your clients satisfied in this female game app. So, play this game to create delicious dishes in over 20 restaurants across the world and get as many awards as possible.

5. My Baby Unicorn – Virtual Pony Pet Care & Dress Up

You can play a variety of surprise activities in this game, including memory games, colouring, and customizing your visual unicorn. The unicorn nursery can then be decorated with rainbow hues and colourful accessories. You can invite baby penguins, baby bears, baby pandas, and gorgeous baby owls to join you.

6. Masha and the Bear. Games Activities

You’ve probably seen the cartoon characters Masha and The Bear. You may now use your smartphone to play as your favourite cartoon character. This game includes 16 amusing Masha and The Bear activities. You can master several professions while also improving your IQ and mental agility. In the game The Orchestra, for example, you can learn to distinguish musical sounds and locate the instrument.

7. Dream Wedding Planner Game

You will play as a wedding planner whose purpose is to complete missions and become famous in this game. There are several missions you must fulfil, such as selecting a wedding cake. You can go to numerous bakeries to choose the most delectable cake. Then, adorned with a lovely bridal topper. The wedding must be festive, a DJ must be hired, and the wedding hall must be spectacular.

Take your clients to the SPA before their wedding so they can feel rejuvenated on their big day. The bride and groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids are then dressed. Choose stylish women’s tiaras and dresses, as well as exquisite tuxedos for the groom.

8. Princess Dream Hair Salon

In this game, you will design the salon of your dreams. So you can improve the salon’s appearance and attract more customers by decorating it. Then, by making your customers’ haircuts more fashionable, you can produce the most amazing looks for them. Customers will like it if you create their hair artistically and differently.

9. Makeup & Dress-up games for kids

Do you have an interest in beauty, style, and fashion? You may have fun playing creative makeup games with a variety of cosmetics options. You can enhance your model with a variety of lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other makeup accessories.

You can then select from a variety of colours, styles, and hair accessories. When you’re finished with your makeup, you can add accessories to complete your looks, such as earrings and necklaces.

10. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is a physics-based game that has pleased millions of players worldwide, with new, tough challenges and unexpected obstacles. The game is completely different from the previous version, with new experiences and characters. The game becomes more difficult as you go, and you must apply yourself to overcome the obstacles.

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