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HTC U12 Plus ranks high on DxOMark, came second after Huawei P20 Pro

HTC released the U12 Plus flagship and the device has already been reviewed by DxOMark, the world’s most trusted camera rating site. The site released its assessment of the dual camera on the U12 Plus and it knocked out other flagships from the list, except for the Huawei P20 Pro which still reigns supreme on top.

Compared to other flagships like the Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X, the U12 Plus produced much clearer and natural looking images than these devices. The dual camera on the U12 Plus got an overall score of 103 for its still photos and 95 for video recording. With 103 points for photos, it overtook Huawei’s P20 in the second position with a single point and 6 points behind Huawei P20 Pro.

The Huawei P20 Pro debuted at the top spot in March with the highest score ever from a smartphone, sitting at 109. Although DxOMark hasn’t released its assessment of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium yet, the device might challenge the P20 Pro to the top spot.

camera on the u12 plus

Nonetheless, the U12 Plus takes the second position at the moment. The review showed that the device triumphed other big guns with excellent sharpness and rather good dynamic range. The U12 Plus also found a good balance between texture and noise when taking photographs. Another highlight was when the autofocus and 2x Zoom were tested, it was lightning-fast and boasts of accurate autofocus. It also produces a solid 2x zoom performance as well.

The dual shooters on the U12 Plus won all flagships in broad daylight, except for the P20 Pro. The video recording was top-notch as well, it shoots 4K video at 60fps, which was impressive to watch. It also boasts of effective stabilization, fast autofocus, excellent exposure and dynamic range with low noise in low-light conditions.

However, the camera wasn’t that perfect in extreme low light environments. The optical zoom in low-light conditions had loss of detail, there were also visible artifacts in HDR images and noticeable noise in photographs taken with insufficient light. Nonetheless, it won iPhone X, Galaxy S9 Plus and Pixel 2 in low light environments as well.

Source: DxOMark

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