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iPhone 11 to come with Rear Cameras, same design as iPhone XS

According to the latest leaked image of an upcoming iPhone, the next iPhone that will succeed the iPhone XS Max will come with three rear cameras. It will look pretty the same as the MX and XS Max.

The third camera is likely going to be a wide-angle one which will be complementing the normal one. And the telephoto lens will look better allowing for a higher range of zoom. One of the software features that will be seen in the device will be an automatic repair of videos or photos so as to fit in a subject that has been cut off accidentally from the initial shot.  We are likely going to see an upgraded version of live photos with double the current length.

A USB – C port is being tested for this year iPhone instead of the normal lightning. Since the switch might not see the light of the day in this 2019 version, it shows that the company is invariably considering using the standard connector in its smartphones as well.

We will see a new SoC in this 2019 iPhone as well as an updated Face ID sensor. There won’t be 5G functionality in this 2019 version because it is reserved for 2020 version. An updated iPhone XR is also expected.

iPhone 11Apple will unveil a new version of iPad with a lower price and with a roughly 10 – inch screen with a faster processor this spring.  There will be a lightning port in the device and a new iPad mini will be included in the company’s lineup.

The next version of the iPad Pro is expected during next year’s spring but it does not make any sense waiting for the device since it might be unveiled with a laser-powered 3D camera in Apple line – up. We expect to see this laser-powered 3D in 2020 iPhones as well.

With the 3D camera, the AR feature on the device will be enhanced – allowing for better placement of virtual objects. The depth perception improvement will aid the AR and as well help in photo shooting. Apple has opened talks with Sony about getting and testing the sensor that they need for this.

The dot – projection technology like face ID will be replaced with a laser scanner because the dot – projection technology does not work well over long distance.

There are rumours already that iOS 13 which will be introduced this year will come with a full-on dark mode as well as CarPlay improvement. A new home screen, tabbed App pages and better file management will accompany the new iPads. This is because of Apples never-ending desire to make its tablets to be more productive.

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