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It’s Official: Xiaomi Is in Nigeria

The long wait is now over as Xiaomi is coming to Nigeria at last on April 24. The company is set to join the likes of OPPO, the first premium Chinese smartphone brand to enter the Nigerian market. In 2016, Xiaomi launched officially in Nigeria with its Mi brand; however, its progress got stalled by trademark-related issues as well as a court injunction. The coast is clear now, and Xiaomi is officially coming to Nigeria.

With this development, Nigerian fans and customers can now enjoy a wider range of exciting products from the company, which is also expanding to South Africa — another leading economy in this region.

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics organization, which is headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi designs and invests in an array of devices and gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, mobile apps as well as related consumer electronics.

The phone maker launched its first smartphone in 2011 and gained market share in China, rapidly, to emerge as the largest smartphone company in the country in 2014. At the start of Q2 2018, it became the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, leading on the bases of the largest market (China) and the second-largest market (India).

There are reports suggesting that Xiaomi’s official entry into the Nigerian market, which is billed to take place in a few days, will herald the introduction of its mobile devices in different retail stores across this country. The brand, via its local Facebook page, did tease its first-ever smartphone launch in Nigeria, billed for April 24 in the commercial city of Lagos.

As of yet, there’s no information on the product to be launched because the image on the teaser page is not so revealing.


Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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