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New Chrome OS update Brings Camera mode and Better Navigation

Google has just announced a new update for the Chrome OS. And we must confess, the update brings some intriguing features.

The update was announced through a blog post by the tech giant and it’s availability depends on region/market you’re in.

Headlining the new update is the new camera portrait mode. This mode will allow users to take portrait shots with bokeh effects on Chromebooks and Pixel Slates. This feature is already saturated in the Android world, however, it’s meant for people who love taking pictures with their tablet device.

The media/music department sees an update with new music control that allows easy access to playlist and audio across multiple tabs and apps. Music buttons such as next, rewind, play and pause are more visible to the eyes.

There is now an easier way to clean up notifications. The “clear all” button that was first seen on Android Pie is now available on Chrome OS. With a single tab, you can clean up your notifications rather than having to slide them off.

It’s still a mystery the direction Google is heading with this update. The tech giant has confirmed before that they won’t be making any more tablets. If this ends up to be true, it could mean Google wants Chromebook laptop users to start taking camera portrait mode pictures. Or else Google is secretly working on a new tablet device.

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