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TECNO Goes All Out with the BMW Designworks For Spark 9 Pro Sport Edition

Designers from this innovation studio of the BMW Group recently shared how Design language differentiates this new smartphone – TECNO SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition, and how key elements highlight the personality of its young users.

TECNO, a stylish and fashionable tech brand, recently released another masterpiece that furthers its efforts on its fashion tech brand path – the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition designed by Designworks, a BMW group company.

With its dynamic and distinctive design and vibrant colour palette, the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition became an instant hit among the young and passionate trend-setters who constantly seek to show their unique personality and style to elevate themselves from the crowd.

Thanks to BMW Designworks’ future-oriented design, new elements of cross-industry design collide in this phone and are reflected in its colours, materials, and finishes. Combining the design language of vitality and strength, as well as a first-class automobile design experience, the Sport Edition was built to be an icon of young and trendy culture.

While providing sheer selfie pleasure and extraordinary user experience with its 32MP front camera, MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, and the 6.6″ 1080P Full HD large screen.

“Working together with a company like TECNO is inspiring because it allows us to focus on another user experience – the smartphone – that has become essential to our everyday lives and is now so embedded in and connected to our mobility infrastructure,” Andre De Salis, Creative Director, Industrial Design at Designworks.


Meeting Yearn For Speed With Future-Oriented Philosophy

Central to BMW Designworks’ philosophy in this design task is to predict the future by creating it. Based on Andre De Salis’ insight into the current state of society, young people are active and on the move as the world rapidly changes: “It’s much like the fast-paced and sporty motorsport lifestyle.” He said.

To meet the youth’s needs, even the impulse they may not be aware of, the Designworks creatives designed the Sport Edition with a look that reflects today’s changeable and flexible consumers, their quest for change and speed, or efficiency.

“Crisp edges and dynamic angles give the appearance of speed and sportiness – creating an energetic and unapologetic design language,” highlighted Cheryl Pelly, Lead Designer, CMF Design at Designworks.

Another manifestation of the future-oriented design in this model is the choice of colour scheme, which features youthful blue and pure white.

 “Something we drew inspiration from was the idea of an icy crystal talisman,” said Sandy McGill, Lead Designer of CMF Design at Designworks. “Recalling the power and drama of the superhero while also using a bold and bright blue colour to express elements of the metaverse, representing peak futuristic abilities and the SPARK core principle of endless possibility,” she added. 

Feeling the Power of Performance through Dynamic Elements

Another distinct feature of the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition is an intricate and unique triangular texture. As Sandy McGill explained, the triangles are intentionally dynamic and multi-dimensional to create a graphic that looks alive and in motion. 

These external features were designed to reveal the story of the phone’s internal capabilities and diverse functionality. The SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition sports an extraordinary 32MP ultra-clear front camera and a 50MP back camera, both equipped with advanced AI image optimization and restoration tools for an ultra-clear and intelligent photographic experience. It is also empowered by MediaTek Helio G85 Chip Engine, a generous 5000 mAh battery, and an 18W flash charger to provide robust and smooth user experiences.

“With the dynamic and energetic elements, the story of the Sport Edition can shine through at a glance, revealing the features of high performance of this superior device.” Cheryl Pelly highlighted. Through these elements, the phone parallels the speed and stability of a sports car.

Manifesting the Bold and Passionate Youth Self Through Distinctive Details

Gen-Z demographic prizes unique, distinct design features that are not only trendy but also boldly express their personality to the world. As BMW Designworks’ designers have discovered, although there is a difference in scale, smartphones and cars are highly personal to their users. Users not only form close, emotional relationships with them but also express themselves through them.

Creating those opportunities for them to do so naturally became a crucial emphasis in the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition. 

“By adding distinctive colours to the edge of the camera lens, this phone ensures that the phone’s unique design is visible at all times,” said Cheryl Pelly. 

The unique and outstanding design of the SPARK 9 Pro Edition plays strongly on the current trend of freely expressing who individuals want to be. It is also a notch up from earlier SPARK models, offering users not just an eye-catching colour palette or premium textures but a highly individualistic design exclusive that appeals to young users interested in a vibrant and trendy aesthetic. 

The TECNO SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition is available at official TECNO stores and other retail outlets. The device goes for #116,800 (RRP).

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