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Meet Prometheus Microsofts New AI Model

Microsoft shares some exclusive behind-the-scenes of Prometheus, the new AI model that will power Bing. In a blog post they released, they also announced a revision of the chat limits implemented on Bing ChatGPT.

Prometheus is a proprietary AI model that combines Microsoft Bing Index, ranking, and answers results with the creative reasoning capabilities of OpenAI’s most advanced GPT models. The AI model uses Bing and GPT to generate responses through a component called Bing Orchestrator, and provide an accurate answer for the user query. All this will happen in a matter of milliseconds.

Prometheus will select relevant queries from the Bing search result. Bing is an essential component of the new AI model since it will constantly update Prometheus with up-to-date information in real time. Prometheus will be able to answer recent questions reducing inaccuracies. Bing data will ground it through the Orchestrator. The AI model will use its reasoning skill over the data provided by Bing and know the correct answer.

Microsoft also shared a diagram to show how Prometheus works at a very high level.

The final step is when Prometheus attaches relevant Bing answers such as weather, stocks, sport news, and more to the chat answer. Prometheus will be able to add citations into sentences in chat answers so that users can click and verify the source of information. Prometheus is integrated with the search results, and its great Microsoft is adding citations to verify the information source.

The vice president of Search & AI at Microsoft, also expressed in the blog post that besides Prometheus, his team faced problems in creating an ideal Bing search product. They developed a new Bing UX that has a unified search and chat in a single interface. This is because some queries will be better in chat mode while others will be better using the classic or search mode.


Selecting internal queries based on Bing Search results is a vital component of Prometheus. The method is called grounding. It simply reasons over the data provided by Bing data through the Orchestrator.

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